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What Does It Mean To Be A Queen?

We love using the word Queen in the black community, but do we ever stop to really think as black women what it means to be a queen? Here is the Queen’s Memo definition.

Being a queen is not about being arrogant. It’s not about putting oneself on a pedestal and having an I’m up here and everyone else is down there type of mentality. It is not about being a mean girl and finding joy in tearing others down.

Instead, a queen carries herself with a certain level of class, respect, and pride. Not pride in being haughty. It’s pride in the sense that as a black woman knowing that she comes from greatness. From great women who fought, died, and sacrificed to break down barriers. Women who stood strong in the face of adversity.

A queen knows that her value doesn’t lie in a designer bag or a pair of red bottoms. Those are just outside accessories that she knows could never make her. A queen values her inner beauty so much more because she understands that self-improvement is a continuous journey. What is on the inside shines so brightly on the outside, that when she enters a room her presence is not just seen but also felt. She stays connected to the creator because her faith keeps her grounded and rooted.

Wearing her crown is not about putting down the next woman, in order to make herself feel better. It’s about reaching out to help pull that woman up, so she can learn her worth and put on her crown too.

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