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How You Can Stop Snoozing and Start Praying

Do you drag out of bed in the morning? When you hear the alarm go off do you set it to snooze and pull the covers and your bonnet back over your head? When you finally get out of bed, you are rushing to get your breakfast, get dressed, the kids to school, walk the dog, then out the door, or turn on that laptop to start work.

If this is you queen, why not try something new? How about instead of dragging out the bed, get some pep in that step? Starting your day off by spending some time in prayer and meditation can do wonders. The Lord doesn’t have a snooze button, thankfully! He is ready to listen 24/7. He won’t send you to voicemail or wait until his favorite show is off to call you. Nope, he hears you any and every time you speak to him.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to make this a morning routine. Instead of hitting that snooze button like we all want to do, use that extra fifteen minutes to communicate with your heavenly father. No popcorn prayers are allowed during this time when you pop down and pop right up. Instead, this is the kind of prayer where you can just be still. Your time to not only talk to God but also listen. The kind of prayer when you can tune out all the outside noise and stress. You can tune out the list in your head of what has to be done for the day. This is your time to just meditate on being thankful that he allowed you to see another day. It can be time to pray over your family, the day, your fears, and your anxieties. It’s your time to meet God first before you meet anyone else in the day.

Thank you for tuning in Queen. Remember to live life as your best self! I will chat with you soon.

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